Cookie Policy


We use Cookies, web beacons and similar technologies on our sites, applications, services and tools, solely for the purpose of gathering information that can help us serve you better and more efficiently.

The objective of this page is to provide you important information on these technologies and how they are used in our site and services. A few vital points on our use of these technologies have been highlighted in the next section so that you can get a clear idea of our cookie policies before you actually use our site and services. The complete User Cookie Notice has also been presented in the next section for the purpose of user review.

The cookies and similar type of technologies used by us are crucial for proper functioning of the services we provide. These technologies help us in enhancing our efficiency, offering added usability and also enable us to serve you targeted advertisements. We employ both types of cookies. The session-dependent cookies get automatically deleted once the browser is closed. The persistent cookies stay in your system for long, unless deleted manually or with the help of other third party applications. Users can block, disable, delete or set preferences about these cookies through their device or browser settings.

We have taken every possible measure to ensure the highest security of user data stored in our cookies and other technologies. We use unique identifier for preventing unauthorized access to the cookie information.

The service providers working with us are our authorized partners and they help us in various aspects of the business to serve you better. These providers may also place third party cookies in your system in order to collect data that can help them to recognize your device uniquely.